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About William To

Loren Ipsum…

Just kidding.  If anything, I’m the anti-Loren Ipsum, because I hate generic copy–and love stories.

My name is Will To, and I’m a copywriter and aspiring novelist based in Queens, New York.  Previously, I taught English to rowdy, lovable students in both Houston and the South Bronx.  Afterwards, I traveled throughout Asia and Europe–the results of which you can see in the Gallery, under “Slice of Life.”

And yes, there is a picture of Kings Landing, or, as it is popularly known, Dubrovnik.

Now, I focus on writing high-quality content laced with humor, insight, and fact–with a particular emphasis on storytelling coupled with a sharp, sarcastic New York flair.  But if you want it, I can write it–be it a snarky piece on NYC’s summer days or an explainer on using ergonomics to reduce injuries in the oilfield.

I am a shapeshifter.  A yokai, even…but only when it comes to writing.

In my free time, I’m working on a novel about the Taiping Rebellion, the greatest civil war that the world has ever known–and the bloodiest conflict that you’ve never heard of.

Feel free to fill out the form and drop me an email with tips, encouragement, or gigs!