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Winter is [Almost] Here: A Guide to Surviving NYC Winters, Part 1

It's so cold that you can see the steam. Winter in NYC can be terrifying. Between polar vortexes, fell Arctic winds from the north, and bone-chilling, soul-destroying temperatures, winter is brutal.  True, climate change has boosted the temperatures somewhat, leading to the occasional warming--but when the mercury drops, it drops faster than Obama’s [...]

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Little Lions: Inside a NYC Cat Cafe

Somewhere on the border between asleep and awake... For most of us, there are few problems that cats can’t fix.  Unless you’re a diehard dog person (or simply allergic), cats are little, furry slices of sunshine. Don’t believe me?  Set a few cats (or, better yet, kittens) loose.  Then watch as everyone--be they earl [...]

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The Battle of Yamen

Even with all the bloodshed, the Battle of Yamen is little-known today, perhaps because of society's focus on the subsequent glories of the Mongol Empire, as well as our undeniably Eurocentric lens. Still, I thought it a compelling subject, and rather than a tumultuous end to the glorious, if militarily weak, Southern Song.  But from the ashes, what [...]

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Across the Lotus Sea (An Excerpt)

The battle of Yamen was one of the most destructive naval engagements in history, rivaling Trafalgar, Lepanto, and Noryang Point in its ferocity and loss of life.  In it, remnants of the Southern Song Dynasty, numbering around 200,000, faced off against a Mongol force of equal strength--but one which was better provisioned, better led, and [...]

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Stand and Work…without a Standing Desk

Ladies and gentlemen, the verdict is in:   Sitting, for eight hours or more a day, will kill you deader than Donald Trump’s casinos.  A whole grab-bag of distinguished medical organizations, from the American Cancer Society to the Annals of Internal Medicine, will tell you so.  Sadly, they also emphasize that exercise isn’t just the [...]

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$200 Laptops: A Cautionary Tale

  The Kandy Krush purple version. Courtesy of the HP Store. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Would that I had heeded this saying before I leaped in and purchased my HP Stream, a sturdy little laptop colored a bright, artificial, Kandy Krush blue.  At the time, I just [...]

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The Blog Challenge…

Not my life...yet.   It begins, as it always does, with a challenge. “Write your blog about you,” Enoch writes.  He is one of my closest friends, and at the moment, the object of my envy. Currently, he is in Mexico, beachside in Tulum, fresh from exploring a day’s worth of Mayan ruins [...]

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